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Refill Inks ~ Dye


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Bulk Refill Ink - Dye Ink - UV Protected

100% Compatible - - 100% Technical Support - - 100% Guaranteed.

We have been offering Primera solutions for Over 10 Years Now and have hundreds and hundreds of repeat Customers over those years.   Our inks are specially formulated to be 100% compatible with Primera printers.   We work closely with a major ink manufacturer and have Researched & Developed the most compatible ink available for the Primera printers.

These are not cheap universal or generic inks - those cheaper inks might clog the print-head - we do extensive UV/A and UV/B testing so the printed labels are less likely to fade (label material dependent)... many other inks do not include UV protecting.  Using cheaper inks will lead to the labels fading 1-3 months down the road.

Each 120ml bottle is approximately 10-14 color or 8-10 black cartridge refills.  Color refills are normally between 6-10ml and Black is between 10-14ml.

  • We manufacture our ink exclusively for the Lx900 and DP4100 series of Primera Printers.
  • Highest Quality Ink Formula - with full UV protection added.
  • 100% Compatible - 100% Total Technical Support - 100% Guaranteed.  Period.
  • These are 100% compatible to the original Primera ink cartridges:
    53421, 53422, 53423, 53424, 53601, 53602, 53603, 53604, 53606.


NOTE:  Currently... most of our Customers are using our Pre-filled Ink Cartridges - same high quality inks.   They have found that it's just less hassle versus refilling cartridges and troubleshooting (e.g. under-filled, over-filled, air-bubbles, etc.).   Spend more time "on your business" than "in your business"... time is money or even lost opportunities.

NOTE:  We offer Technical Support to get you up and running quickly.  We are based in Raleigh, North Carolina (EST).

100% Total Technical Support...  With 10+ Years Experience...
We Get You Up and Running...  Saving You Some Serious Money...
Providing our Customers these cartridges for more than 8 years!!

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