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Why Choose Our Products

…this website, and consequently its small side-business by-product, was launched to provide You, the User Community of various Primera-brand printers, with an alternative to the high cost of printing labels and discs.

We wanted “...a better, less expensive option..." for the ink cartridges that we were using for our own specific Primera printer(s).

So, we launched this site...


Over the past 10 some years, we have worked with a few select factories which specifically develop our products. We offer these high quality cartridges, inks, and toner at an affordable price that you can afford.

We've work closely with the User Community. Even today, we continue to offer these solutions ONLY because of Your help and Your feedback...

We have never tried to just be a "cheap solution". We've always tried to be a working "solution" to your business needs. Because... along the way, we've learned that cheaper isn't better, especially in the muddy world of compatible inks and toners. Our solutions work because we need them to work - we're a Business First, and trying to save a few dollars Second.


Our products are 100% compatible, non-OEM alternatives to the higher priced OEM brand offerings. Furthermore, universal or generic inks and toner are not 100% compatible and do not have the proven track record that our ink and toner have within the User Community. Our proven community tested solutions will save you money.

AND, we are here right along side of you. We use these products ourselves. So we can offer unique technical support and industry specific tips and techniques.


We too are part of the overall User Community using Primera-brand printers in our own production environment. Like you, we're running a business, and honestly, we just need things to work. We thoroughly understand this, which is why our customers rely upon our services and products.

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