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User Community ~ Folks Like You…

Just like what You are doing right now, we started down this very same road...

… trying to find alternatives to the expensive and ongoing operational costs of our Primera-brand printers.

And like yourself, we depend upon our printers for our business and lively-hood. We get it, your alternative options MUST work.

Users, like Yourself, help provide our community with “value-add” through our online, customer-only, exchange forum.  This website is completely dedicated to Primera-brand printers … the Color Label 900 Series, Bravo Disk Publisher 4100 Series, the CX 1200 Color Laser Label Series printers.

Our users make the difference with regard to the options and solutions that we sell.  We have listened to and worked extensively with the User Community… this community spans the globe and help form a unique support group … for people just like You.

Through our User Community and Forum we continuously receive
and this help Us to continuously strive to answer that question:

“How can we better improve Our offerings and solutions…?”

We “eat our own dog-food” …as the saying goes… and that tells You that we are not a generic, or universal option.  What we offer has NOT been thrown out there to JUST help you save money.  We, ourselves, rely upon alternative options and solid solutions with our own internal production Primera printers (two LX900)… and like yourself, our customers demand that the products we offer to them be of high quality and reliability.

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