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Overview Ink Cartridge Instructions – Cartridges are equipped with an electronic “chip” that identifies the cartridge. After the cartridge has been refilled, the printer will still recognize it as being out of ink, and it won’t print until this chip has been replaced.

Currently, the Primera 900 & 4100 ink cartridges use a chip that needs to be replaced each time the PTStatus Monitor recognizes the cartridge as being empty. This occurs normally at -10% to -11%. However, we recommend refilling the ink and replacing the chip at 0% to -5% to avoid ruining the print-head by allowing the ink to run dry.

(NOTE: a replacement print-heads retails for about $70-$80 – you should always have an extra one hanging around).

Handy Inkjet Refill Tips

  • Always remove the ink cartridge from printer before attempting to refill it.
  • Always put the cartridge back into its plastic cradle that it came with (usually orange or red).
  • Always refill over an easy to clean surface. Spillage can cause permanent surface stains.
  • Use syringe & needle carefully – they are sharp and pointy. Duh!
  • Pull plunger slowly to fill syringe to desired quantity (color about 8-10ml, black about 18-20ml).
  • Always close the ink refill bottle immediately and securely with original cap.
  • Syringe and needle can be cleaned by drawing warm water into the syringe and slowly using the plunger to expel water.
  • Always clean the syringe and needle as described before filling each color … best to use separate syringes for each color.
  • When handling cartridges, do not touch ink surfaces, contacts or metallic parts.

Do not allow cartridge to remain empty for more than two (2) consecutive weeks.  For best results, refill cartridge before it empties completely.

Do not over-fill cartridges. It is always best to under-fill in order to avoid leakage. TIP: draw a small amount of ink out of the cartridge once it is full.

NEVER insert a leaky or dripping cartridge into your printer. If you notice leakage or dripping, you may wish to draw additional ink from the cartridge by re-inserting the needle and slowly pulling the plunger. If ink continues to expel from the cartridge, place the cartridge on its side so that the outlet or print head is not touching any surface. Leave the cartridge for up-to one hour and check for additional leakage.

Print heads should be gently cleaned with a small amount of print-head cleaner before storing. Print head cleaner can be applied using a soft paper towel. Repeat this step before using stored cartridges in order to remove any dried ink from the print head surface. NOTE: Windex should not be used to clean print-head.

Test the quality of your print cartridges. Please see our Printing CMYK Test Labels for assistance.