IRC is short for Inks Refills Chips...

…and this website was launched to provide the Primera-brand printer User Community with true alternatives …

“better options – inks, refills, chips” specific only to the Primera line of printers.

Our offerings are ONLY for Primera LX900 Series … Primera Bravo 4100 Series… and Primera CX Series

These particular printers use separate individual cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

We’ve branded our ink and toner as Verus … which is Latin for true (or real).¬† It is exclusively formulated and developed and User Community qualified.¬† Our products offer you a high quality, lower cost option. Working closely with the manufacturer and User Community, we believe that we were fortunate enough to be able to specifically formulated and developed the most compatible ink and toner on the market.¬† Speed and Quality of print is extremely important when selecting non-oem inks (or toner) for use with your Primera printer … but, it’s the User Community that helps confirm this for us.

Our products are 100% compatible, non-oem alternatives to the higher priced oem brand offerings. Furthermore, universal or generic inks and toner are not 100% compatible and do not have the proven track record that Verus ink and toner have within the User Community. Our proven community tested solutions will save you money.

Together, it’s You and our extensive Primera-brand printer User Community which continues to foster the best options and solutions for your printing needs. It’s the entire User Community which applies real-world application that makes these solutions work – and helps us save money. Additionally, as that ole’ saying goes “…we eat our own dog-food.” We too are part of the overall User Community, using Primera-brand printers in our own production environment. We thoroughly understand, just like us, customers rely upon your services and products.

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